Here are three new videos showing Lola’s progress under saddle. We’re also super pleased to report that Terry has had a couple of her volunteer riders working with Lola, and she has been as good for them as she is for Terry! Clearly, Terry and her team have unlocked the secret to a happy and productive Lola…and as much as they are enjoying working with her, we’d still love to see her get adopted before her next birthday rolls around on June 29th! Lola’s journey as a SAFE horse has had many ups and downs, but through it all, we’ve never stopped admiring the spirit of this incredible little mare. So think hard, SAFE friends, surely one of you knows who Lola’s partner is meant to be! She deserves the best and you can help us provide that for her!!

Lola canter:

Lola lunging over cavaletti:

Lola working over trot poles:

And just for fun, here’s our princess having a lovely nap in the sunshine!