Who's a handsome boy?

Who’s a handsome boy?

The past few months have included some health challenges for our dear friend Lucky. He had a mild colic episode, requiring the vet to come out and administer Banamine and fluids. He responded well, but about a week later he had another colic episode. When the third episode in a month struck, we knew we needed to get to the bottom of the problem. Working with Dr. Megan McCracken from Rainland Farm, we opted to try treating him for ulcers. We were hopeful this would put an end to the random bouts of colic.

Unfortunately, about 2 weeks into the treatment, Lucky coliced again. Thinking that it could be a gut motility issue, Dr. McCracken advised us to try a Low Bulk diet — in other words, no hay — to see if that would help. Lucky was started on a carefully formulated mash suggested by the veterinarian. He now gets mash 3 times per day, and so far he is holding his weight nicely. We can tell he misses his hay, as he anticipates the mash enthusiastically. He was able to have grass turnout through the end of the pasture season, which helped keep him happy. With the pastures now closed for the season, we are providing stall enrichment options for him.

We are now over one month into the Low Bulk diet, and happy to report no more signs of colic for our boy! If this proves to be the answer to eliminating the recurring colic, we will continue this course for a few months and then the vet believes we can try adding hay back in slowly.

On other fronts, Lucky was the recipient of a course of Pentosan injections, and in spite of the tummy issues, the quality of his work has improved significantly. He continues to be sound, comfortable in work, and an all around sweetheart of a horse.