Here’s an update from Eileen who is fostering Marta and Shay at her lovely Fall City Farm:

Their daily lives are very straight forward and routine. They have grazing muzzles to keep them on a strict diet because they only need to look at food and they gain weight. Shay has intermittent bouts of being “off.” It doesn’t appear to be anything related to eating grass. I have spoken to the vet a few times about this and she isn’t concerned because there are no signs of foundering. (No heat present in fetlocks, losing weight, intermittently off but can still canter and trot quite well.) I am guessing it is related to being an older girl with flat soles/arthritis. Moving around in a pasture is beneficial we suspect. She gets around just fine for grazing and such and seems very happy and content.

Both have their schedules down pat and love being turned out together as much as possible. The whole neighborhood knows when it is feeding time because they will both whinny and nicker (especially when on a diet) and walk directly into their respective stalls. They are very attached to one another and seem very happy and content altogether.