Lori had this to say about her work with Mason in the clinic:

Mason and I attended the Joel Conner clinic on March 18th and 19th. I entered Mason in the groundwork portion of the clinic. Mason did a wonderful job of moving out of my way while doing the groundwork. We worked on yielding the hindquarters and the forequarters. We worked on the basics of leading and moving on the lead with no resistance. Mason partnered up with me and really paid attention to what was asked of him. I was quite happy with his progress in this. Mason needs a lot of desensitizing and building trust with his human. Mason is a sensitive boy.. He engages well and try’s really hard to do what is asked of him but there is an insecurity that lies close to the surface. He wants to trust but needs that one person who he can place his trust in and is willing to meet him where he is at. We will continue to work on these skills to help Mason be more confident. He is a sweet soul and just needs that special partner.