Our newest addition has a very sad story and once again we are so thankful for the animal control officers in Pierce County for their gallant efforts to help horses in our community. Roy was part of a herd of 7 horses, sadly two were euthanized on the property, one at the hospital and two others while trying to save them while in holding with Animal Control. Roy is a true survivor and has experienced a lot of loss over the last months. He has landed in the right place and from here on out we will make sure he has the best life.

At his age his teeth aren’t in the best shape, so he is on a mash diet delivered several times a day, he seems to miss the crunch of hay, so the staff and volunteers sprinkle alfalfa flakes to encourage his appetite. You don’t have to look very closely to notice Roy has very interesting fat pads and lumps all over his body. They have come down since intake due to being on medication to treat Cushing’s.

Before his arrival we knew Roy had sore feet, so we prepared one of our rehab paddocks with a fresh layer of sand. He seemed to be very thankful and upon arrival, pawing at the soft new ground and preforming little hops at the sight of other horses. Roy was very herd bound to his previous buddies, so we look forward to introducing him to a friend once we get him healthy and all settled in.