Zoe has been home from training for a few weeks . She has matured so much with her riding and is ready to meet prospective adopters. I have enjoyed getting to ride her and figuring our who will be suitable for her at this point in her education. We have had a few adopters come out to ride her. Unfortunately, she was too green for them to adopt her.

Zoe is accepting a lot more pressure from a rider but it is only successful if the rider is tactful. This is not a mare to go picking fights with. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, so it is important to offer her a fair deal. While she is still a green horse, she needs riders that understand that and don’t add pressure without good releases. I am working to ride her with two reins but she needs to primarily be ridden using one rein and feel to bring her down. The two reins will happen over time and I add this into each of our sessions. She has improved so much from the first time she’d had the bit in her mouth but I feel this will be something she’ll continue to learn to accept as time goes on. Where she gets into trouble is if someone rides her too quickly with both reins to stop, especially if she is offering to go forward and they are nervous of her moving out.

My goal is to give her as much experience and riding time until the right home is found. She is very gentle and a genuinely sweet mare, who really isn’t that complicated. I think the right home will come along fairly quickly. Zoe has an excellent temperament and just needs more miles to be a very easy riding horse!