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We named her Grace

Many of our supporters have asked for more detail about what happened to Ruby’s foal. If you missed the beginning of the story, you can read it here. Another busy Saturday night at NWESC had Dr. Hannah Mueller caring for her patients. She passed Ruby’s stall to see the mare standing quietly. When she passed by again after midnight, Ruby was laying down and the foal’s head had emerged. It was quite a surprise! Ruby was too weak...

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Two New Arrivals…One Unexpected

We rely on our compassionate SAFE community members to help us provide for the horses in our program. Today, we need your help more than ever. On Thursday evening, working with local Law Enforcement, we took in a young mare in serious trouble. Her BCS was a frightening 1/9, she was suffering from parasite overload, and on top of all that…she was pregnant. We were heartbroken for this young mare and made the decision to go over our cap to...

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