Laura and Noah!

We are over the moon today at SAFE and that is because we can finally announce that Noah has been adopted! Congratulation to Laura M and the entire wonderful M family!! Laura is a small animal veterinarian who’s been volunteering at SAFE for several months, and she has a big place in her heart for redheaded Thoroughbreds! She and Noah have already established a strong bond that will only become stronger as they work through his continued rehabilitation. Thanks to Dr Hannah Mueller and NWESC, Noah’s lameness issues have been helped tremendously by the donated shockwave therapy he has received. But Laura tells us that even if Noah does not regain full soundness, he will have a place in her heart and in her barn for the rest of his days. At SAFE, we dream of perfect adopters who will give our horses the fairytale lives we want them to have, and Laura, you are everything we could have hoped for and more! Best of luck to you both!!

We’d also like to thank Noah’s former owner, who has been supporting Noah with a monthly gift. She has kindly and graciously informed us that she will continue her monthly donation in order to help another SAFE horse. We call that Paying It Forward, and we are very, very grateful that she’s become part of SAFE! Thank you!