Hon and Hol

Hon and Hol

It has been one week since the day after the day I got back home from the SAFE show, and I think I am ready to talk about it now. I was a very brave boy, but still I was not prepared for all of the sights and smells and sounds that come with being a show horse. I had a very nice friend come see me being a show horse, and she took me for walks and let me stare at many things. My friend is Holly and here is a picture of me and Holly in the show ring arena. I am being a very good boy in this picture.

At the show I did many things. The thing I did most was stand in a strange stall with no door so I couldn’t go outside when I needed to poop. I had to poop inside the stall! That is a terrible thing for a horse like me. When I went out of the stall with Holly, there was so much to look at that I had to stand very still and look and look. I saw a hundred horses and I had to say hi to some of them, which my mom thought was very funny because I hardly ever talk to other horses at home. Sometimes people made loud noises with their hands, and that made me jump and look around, but mostly I just stood very still and looked. 

On the second day as a show horse, my mom took me through a strange obstacle course and she said I did very very well and I was very very brave. Later she took me out of the strange stall and brought me to a place and then unhooked my rope! I said Bye Bye Mom! and tried to run all the way home. But there was a rope of flags and I couldn’t run all the way home so I trotted in big circles like a dressage horse and then Mom gave me a cookie. She said it was a game called Bribe Your Horse, do you know that game? I did not want to bribed, just to run all the way home and that was not part of the game. Everyone laughed and then I went back to the strange stall.

When I was done being a show horse, I came back home and Jay and the Big Baby were waiting for me. I was so happy to be back in my stall where I could see my friends and poop outside and have a nice roll and bite the Big Baby. 

My other friend Bree is here and she brushes me until my coat is too shiny and red to even look at! I am so handsome, but I don’t know if I will be a show horse anymore. I tried hard but being at the show place made me snort and maybe I don’t want to snort so much.