Nova has started wearing a saddle! So far, it has only been a half dozen times because she is very sensitive and has a hard time with things above her head. She can be a bit over-reactive, so we are taking it slowly and giving her time. We are helping her even out by getting balance in her feet to feel more confident and secure. This will result in more confidence with a saddle and eventually with a rider. Our current plan is to have her first rides in the upcoming Joel Conner clinic in June. Over the summer, we will work with her lightly to develop her riding experiences without overworking her due to her young age.

Nova is currently 15 hands tall with a lot of potential for more growth. In fact, she is growing so much, we have started giving her more grain to put some weight on. The staff has to stand and guard her “grain time” from the rest of the herd since she gets more than them. While she eats, she has a cute habit of picking up her right foot in the air and just holding it up while munching away. Sometimes she even creates a grain pan trail hauling it all around the paddock to keep the staff and volunteers on their toes. Nova is a growing into a gorgeous horse and is a friend to any new horse we add to her herd. We are excited to start her on the path to becoming a wonderful riding horse.