I went to Jaime’s today to turn the boys out since it looked like we were going to get a break from the rain. It has been SOP to lead them both at the same time, and this has not been a problem, but alas I think those days are coming to an end. No sooner did we get out of the stall all together, then Phoenix began nipping and biting and pushing Sinatra around all the way to the pasture. He was totally into play time before we even made it to the play area. So after doing a few pirouettes of my own to separate them until we got in the gate, I let them go and all I can say is — Mr. Sinatra was looking completely exasperated!

Phoenix is all over him like white on rice. Biting, jumping, pushing — all the games that boys do. Mr. Sinatra did manage to get off one half hearted kick and off to the races they went.

Could this be the very same Phoenix who knocked on death’s door so many times? That had to be lifted so many times from the ground because he could not rise? That became so depressed and cold that we were so afraid he would be still in the morning? We all breathed every breath with him and now he is strong.

He has risen from the ashes.

And soon, he will have to be led all by himself. Thank you God for making him a handful. (And thank you SAFE for saving his life)


Yes, this new game has been going on for the last week or so. The week before that, it was SINATRA doing all the play-instigating and butt-biting (see the video clip I posted on Sinatra’s thread). Now it is the total opposite, and Phoenix is driving Sinatra crazy.

Phoenix also has developed a new trick, which is he stands quietly for me to unsnap his lead, and then tries to BITE me and run away! He’s tried it three or four times now, but I am always faster than he is and my reflexes with nipping horses are fast, so he gets a smack right back on the nose for that little prank! Now I can see the wheels turning when I go to unclip him, trying to decide if its worth trying or not. It is the ONLY time he has tried nipping, but he always does it at the same time. I think its all just him wanting to play and feeling good, but he has to learn good play and not so good play (Sinatra agrees!).