Portland’s condition is continuing to improve, but he is still very thin. He’s also covered in bites, scrapes, and scars — evidence of the life he was leading before he was rescued. His coat is improving and he has shown us some glimpses of spirit and energy, which is wonderful to see

In his previous life, Portland was very much on the low end of the pecking order in his herd, which is partly to blame for his emaciated condition…what little the herd was given to eat, Portland didn’t get much of it because the other horses chased him away. He’s a living reminder that many Thoroughbreds don’t do well living “the rough life” in a pasture without supplemental hay and grain. With their high metabolism, many Thoroughbreds are “hard keepers” who have difficulty keeping weight on even when given adequate care. Thoroughbreds are amazing athletes with tons of personality and heart, but they can be difficult to care for, which is why we look for adopters with Thoroughbred experience when placing one of these horses.

Here are some pictures of Portland enjoying a sunny afternoon at SAFE Harbor: