It has been a few weeks since Harley and Ruger were dropped off by Animal Control. Both are doing very well settling in and getting healthier every day. Harley is very sweet and calm. Herd Health Manager Melinda has taken her on as a special project. Melinda has been getting to know Harley and nothing but good things to say about this mare. We don’t have much history on her so we are taking things slow. Once she is completely healthy, we can assess her as a possible riding horse.

We had both the vet and farrier work on her and she did very well. Her teeth were in decent shape with just a few sharp points causing ulcers on her cheeks. Dr. Fleck was able to correct her teeth so she will be able to chew her food better. She is getting turned out daily, and even getting some time on the grass pasture. Everything is going smoothly and she is on track to begin saddle work later this month. We hope to have her available for adoption by the middle of June.