We had a nice visit last week with SAFE horse Rocky at his foster home. Jessica Farren was able to come along and took some beautiful photos of Rocky. He has really come a long way from the frightened and pained horse that SAFE took in over a year and half ago. His foster family, Kellie and Peter Larson, have taken wonderful care of him and keep a watchful eye on his pain levels.

His Cushings is being managed by a low sugar diet, soaked hay, turnout with a grazing muzzle, and medications, which include: Prascend to keep his Cushings under control and Tramadol and Bute for pain management. Our biggest concern is keeping away any pain in his front hooves from his previous bouts of laminitis. He seems to have the worst flare ups during the colder months. Right now his pain is managed with shoes with pads and the pain medications. His comfort is our highest priority. Kellie keeps a watchful eye on him and so far has been able to keep him reasonably comfortable. Dr. McCracken, from Rainland Farm Equine Clinic, has been very helpful in both assessing Rocky’s pain, current treatment options and counseling SAFE on what is best for Rocky’s quality of life.

He was a very good boy for our photoshoot and even put up with my demands for some kisses and hugs. He is very shy but if you take things slow and reassure him that you are a friend he lets you approach. He is definitely a character; with a bit of little sassy once he is comfortable with you. To help gain his trust I easily won him over by a few very small pieces of carrots. He is very handsome with his dark eyes and secretive glances. I enjoyed spending some time with him and grateful he is in such a wonderful foster home.