Romeo — photo courtesy of our volunteer Chelsea Braswell

Dr. Hannah called me tonight to let me know that she developed the xrays and they confirmed what we suspected…Romeo has suffered further catastrophic injury to his leg.  It was helpful to be able to compare the xrays to the previous ones we took, while the leg was bad before in terms of the xrays, it is now completely dislocated, with the cannon bone no longer aligning to the P1 fetlock joint, which means there is just nothing left for him to stand on.  He will be humanely euthanized at 5pm tomorrow evening.

Today, despite the rain, he got several hours on the lush spring grass.  He also had several visitors that came to say their goodbyes, and a lot of extra love, attention, and treats.  Brooke left a bag of carrots with instructions that the entire bag is reserved for Romeo (Brooke, I will make sure he gets them!).  Tomorrow he will be loaded up with painkillers and be able to eat all the grass and treats he wants, before we release him from his pain.

Godspeed, sweet Romeo.  May you know a life free of pain and strong, sound limbs that can carry you swiftly across the green fields of horse heaven.