When we close our pastures for the winter, we switch instead to arena turnout for those horses not in a larger herd paddock. While there may not be grass to much on, the arena has its own list of pleasures, including soft dry sand and a wide open space to run amok in. Roy and Mirana met over grass last summer, and have been neighbor buddies since then (Roy’s grain-only feed situation makes it hard to turn him out to cohabitate with others). But what he can do is enjoy some good arena turnout with his friend Mirana, who also very much enjoys her arena time with Roy. The two walk respectfully to the arena, but as soon as they are let loose, they Let Loose! Roy, for whom arthritic knees and poor feet are constant unwanted companions, kicks up his heels with the best of them when let off the line. And Mirana looks like a filly again as she lopes around the arena. The two typically have a very set schedule when it comes to arena turnout, and it goes something like this:

Stand respectfully while the halter is taken off, but as soon as the humans have fully released, launch out of dodge!
Find a good spot to roll IMMEDIATELY. Extremely crucial step.
Commence rolling. Bonus points if you make it all the way over, but no one’s judging. If you’re Roy: spend a little time itching your belly.
Get up, time to RUN! This can be a long run or a short run, but the burst of energy is highly necessary.
Go stand on the far side of the arena to nap in the sun (if sunny) or just check out what’s goin’ on over there.
Voila! Recipe for successful turnout time!

Watch for yourself these two in action: