Breed: Arabian
Color: Chestnut
Age: 23
Sex: Gelding
Height: 14.2hh
Registered Name: Padron’s Secret

If are looking for an easy going, loving, docile companion/light riding horse, check this guy out!

Pistol (known as Scooter at SAFE) was adopted from SAFE in 2012 but his current owner feels that there is a better situation out there for him. He is low man in every social situation and really would prefer to be turned out by himself or with someone like him that won’t take advantage of his mellow temperament. Pistol is happy to pack a rider once in awhile in exchange for lots of cookies after, but at 23 and with limited saddle experience, he doesn’t want to start a new career as a riding horse. Instead would much rather be doted on and allowed to be a beautiful pasture ornament. He is easy to care for, he loves kids, and doesn’t have any behavior issues or special care requirements. He should have access to a stall and be allowed to eat by himself.

Arabian enthusiasts will appreciate that Pistol is a son of the legendary Padron. He looks very much like his sire, and we’re told he has his good temperament as well. W

If you are interested in bringing SAFE Alumni Pistol into your herd, please contact Lorinda Blue at or 425.322.9300

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