Today was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the air was crisp and clean, and horses were enjoying the weather as well.  Today, Lexi went off on her next adventure in life!  We were sad to say goodbye, but so happy to see her finally find her forever home.  Cindy is SO happy to bring Lexi home!

Our volunteer Victoria, who last weekend had her first lesson on Lucky, which was, shall we say, a little harrowing (Lucky was having a TB moment), decided to be brave and give him another try, and he repaid her kindly by being the generally quiet, mild-mannered TB we know him to be.  She was able to really ride him today, and other than really needing to work on establishing “go forward” (I think this is the first TB I have encountered that actually had trouble with this concept), he was calm and relaxed and a very good boy for her.

We also had a potential adopter come out and ride Baxter in a lesson today with Andrea, our trainer.  Andrea got on him first so she could show her how he went and he was being a little bit sulky today about forward (no bucking, just sucking back), so she worked him through a little of that and then the potential adopter got on him and did a super job with him!  She was exactly the type of rider he needs, someone who is not afraid to throw away the reins and really push him forward, into a gallop if needed, when he gets a little behind the leg.  After her lesson, she rode him around bareback to cool him out.  She is talking about coming back and riding him again, so hopefully we will be seeing her again!

Sara had a lesson on Zanadu today that also went really well.  They are using trot poles to help with the canter departs and it seems to help her a lot.  No more kicking out in the departs and she is picking up the correct lead right when asked, not rushing into the canter like she was before.   I didn’t get any pictures, but did get some video, which I will post tomorrow once I figure out how to get it off my phone.  I also got some video of Baxter and Lucky.

Here are some pictures from the day!