Shiloh arrived yesterday to her new digs at lovely Bear Creek Farm in Woodinville. Lucky Shiloh has been invited to stay there for the near future and while she is there, she will be getting 5 days a week of riding and handling from her foster mother, Brittney. Brittney has ridden Shiloh before and recognized that she would benefit from a regular riding and training program. She offered to take her on as special project. We are very grateful to Brittney for offering her service to us in this way and we are very excited to see Shiloh progress in her training.

Brittney plans to keep a training diary and share it with us on a weekly basis. We already have Day One in the books. It looks like Brittney is wasting no time getting started with this sweet mare, and she reports that Shiloh has settled in well and is being a very good girl!

Monday 4/30/12 @ 2030

What we Worked on:
Lunged in round pen with no tack, just a lunge line.

What went Well:
Listened very well to voice commands of walk, whoa, trot, canter. Behaved herself very well in her new surroundings. She was interested in her new surroundings, but took guidance and direction and looked to me to comfort her. She was respectful of my space. Didn’t buck once and would consider her well-behaved while being lunged!

Areas for Improvement:
She wants to start trotting right away on lunge line. Needs to go out on circle at walk, then trot when asked.
Going left, she wants to rush. Difficult time maintaining left lead canter. After warming up going to the right at trot/canter, she had an easier time maintaining the canter when going left.

Plan for Next Session:
Tomorrow, Tuesday I will tack her up and lunge her in side reins and then walk her around the big arena. Then hand walk her around the property, so she can safely explore her new environment.