The Big Baby in his Hat

My mom is working very hard on the SAFE Horse Show, but she is very happy because there are lots of horses who are coming to the show, and that means lots of dollars for the SAFE Horses and that is good. Mom is very busy but she still has time to come out to the barn and put on my hat so that the flies don’t bother my eyes. The Big Baby got a new hat because the sun made his nose red. Here is how he looks in his hat, which is silly————————>

I am very excited about the SAFE Horse Show because this year, I will be there. I have many surprises for the people who are there. One surprise is my painting. You are probably saying, Honeycutt! You already told us about your painting so that is not a surprise! But I painted another painting so now there are two. My second painting is a picture of Maeve Harris. I hope that if I paint her picture, she might paint my picture. She is a very fine painter person.

Poem Book

My second surprise is my Poem Book! My friend Brooke said I should make a poem book because I am a thing called a poet. There will be two copies of my Poem Book at the SAFE Auction and maybe you can see it, or even trade it for dollars! Here is my Poem Book. —–>

I am happy to be going to the Horse Show because I will get to see my friend Holly who is coming from far away to take care of me at the Horse Show. Holly and her family are very nice people who care a lot about me and SAFE. Last weekend they drove and drove to bring SAFE some donations from another far away person. That was very nice of them. I will be a very good horse for Holly so that I can say thank you for driving so far for SAFE.