We had a funny moment with Sinatra at this work party this Sunday. Funny ha ha, I mean!

Sinartra and Phoenix were getting a little grazing time in the tiny paddock that fronts Jaime’s stalls. Next to one of the stalls is a bale of alfalfa, and the boys, who have now discovered they LOVE alfalfa, sidled over to it to sneak a few bites while no one was looking. I went over to shoo them away from it, and Sinatra threw a little fit! He stomped his tiny feet, and tried his best to aim a little double barrel kick or two in my direction, before finally scampering off in a huff. Valerie and I couldn’t help but laugh at the little guy, it was so funny. Like watching a hissy fit from the Easter bunny or something. So I guess he’s feeling a little better. ;D