March 9 2008

Sinatra is doing much better today and spent much more of his time up and eating instead of lying down and worrying me. The extra blanket is keeping him nice and warm and we have heat lamps as a backup if needed. He’s just so much scrawnier and weaker than Kokomo..much like little Phoenix is, he is not bouncing back as quickly.

March 10 2008

Up and a bit brighter today, but still running a very low temp. Heat lamps have been installed in both his and Phoenix’s stalls and Hannah took bloodwork on both of them today as well. Phoenix was having a harder time today and had to be helped to his feet a couple of times today.

March 11 2008 12:18pm

Sinatra’s bloodwork came back and his protein was within normal but he is dehydrated. This morning he was down again and I tried several times to help him to his feet but couldn’t get him up, so Valerie is on her way to help. I am very worried about him.

March 11 2008 12:54pm

Ok, he’s up. Many thanks to Valerie for rushing over to help me get him up, he was just too heavy for me to lift by myself. His temp was low again — 97.5. He’s now in with Phoenix with all the heat lamps on both of them, and has some electrolytes in him to help get him drinking. It doesn’t help that its a windy cold day today, and usually the wind comes from the east and the stalls block it but it is coming from the west and blowing right in the stalls. :(

March 12 2008

Sinatra got a little massage today from Janice who stopped by to help out, to help increase circulation in his extremeties, and she said he seemed to enjoy it. Both he and Phoenix were down for the 10:30 feeding, but Phoenix got up and Sinatra stayed down. I gave him his ulcer meds and electrolytes lying down and let him stay down because he had been up all day, and needed a rest, and he was lying near the heat lamps and seemed warm enough.