Well I have yet to see this little attitude of Sinatra’s but maybe that’s because I am the food lady, who knows. :) He’s an absolute doll and you can’t help but just love him to pieces. Today he got a new waterproof blanket for turnout and I took his old one off and worked on his rainrot, which is almost gone except for right over his spine and his ears. I picked off what I could on his back, he still won’t let you touch the scabs on his ears though. Then I doused him in Microtek and put his blanket back on. He and Phoenix go out every day that it doesn’t rain on the grass and are out all day now. I have finally seen them both run a little and even play, just a little bit. Sinatra is definately much stronger now and it has been at least a week since I have had to help him up. He has lost his wormy belly completely but he actually looks a bit thinner now, but I am sure he in fact has gained weight.