Mar 9
Sinatra is doing great! The trainer reports he is the easiest to start so far. She’s been on him at the walk several times now and he’s just really good. She will trot him tomorrow. She says he might be one we could get away with just 30 days on if he stays doing this well. He gets a little nervous, but no buck, and she says he feels very honest and tries hard to please.

Mar 16
Sinatra trotted under saddle for the first time today! The trainer describes him as “completely unconcerned about having a rider on him” and “a little on the hot side”. She has to watch out for his flying head as he likes to flip his head around and he managed to whack her in the chest with it even as she was leaning back to avoid it. We are convinced that Saddlebreds have some kind of weird double-jointedness going on in their necks, they sure are flexible with them!

getting a bath