Update from Sundance Equestrian:

Sinatra has continued his new life out at the barn, but since he is still without a girth, we have continued to work him on the line. This week he made amazing progress & started to get more comfortable working to the right as well as the left and even some consistent cantering on the line both directions. He has a way to go before he is truly soft & comfortable each way without having a wall to lean on, but we are really excited about his progress. And his ground manners are AMAZING! He is no longer nibbling at us and has really taken to some “in-hand” halter type training — walking, backing, the whole thing ‑who knows, we may get really fancy & try a pivot next week! 😉 We are also thinking about introducing a bridle into his lunging experience — we just need to get them smaller — he may have a big head, but it is still dainty compared to the critters out here!

Sinatra enjoying the pasture at Sundance Equestrian

His new stall