skittles_07What a “Show Pro” little Skittles turned out to be at the SAFE Benefit Horse Show! She had a wonderful “been there done that no big deal” attitude about everything. We all had a ton of fun at the show and she was so easy to work with in every way. She bathed, loaded and unloaded, settled into her stall, warmed up on Friday with no spooking or nervousness about anything, and went into each class honestly and without hesitation. It is so wonderful to have the same ride on the day of a show that you are able to get at home.

As a trainer, I have to say this mare is worth her weight in gold. On Sunday I asked our volunteer Sage, age 12, to ride and handle Skittles for the entire day. Skittles was an absolute gem! Sage took her into many of the western classes and through the trails course. She placed in the ribbons and was willing to do whatever Sage asked of her.

Skittles is doing well with her ground work and riding. She continues to make progress, getting more steady and balanced. Skittles is absolutely ready to be adopted and we need your help to spread the word about this little mare. She deserves a wonderful family to love and care for her.

Photos of Skittles by Karen Wegehenkel: