We’ve had a lot of good things to say about Skittles since she arrived at SAFE after her rehabilitation at NWESC. Let’s recap:

  • She’s beautiful. A bright chestnut Arab with a big wide blaze and three white socks, she’ll catch your eye for sure!
  • She’s healthy. NWESC did a tremendous job of bringing this mare back from starvation. She glows with health.
  • She’s sweet. Skittles greets everyone with a nicker and a smile. And you can’t help but smile back.
  • She’s happy. Without a doubt, Skittles is overjoyed that her life has taken a turn for the better. She makes that abundantly clear to us when we bring her mash into her stall. Volunteers are greeted with a chorus of nickers and squeals, as if she still can’t believe her good fortune that food comes every day!
  • She’s a gem. It’s time for Skittles to have her own family and start her new life. She is ready.

Skittles is going very well at the walk, trot, and canter. Last Friday, we had the pleasure of watching her being ridden by Kirann G, the lovely young rider who played a major role in the development of Moonshine and Maggie. The two of them tried some lateral work under Terry’s direction to get Skittles to relax and stretch forward, and then demonstrated some lovely trot and canter work for us.

Here’s a video that was taken at the end of Skittles and Kirann’s ride on Friday. Skittles was a little tired after a full week of work, but still kind and willing for Kirann:

We’ve been talking a lot lately about getting more of the SAFE horses adopted so that we have the space available to help horses like Ruby when we get the call, and finding a great new home for Skittles would certainly help us tremendously as well as being great for Skittles herself. Whoever ends up adopting Skittles will be getting a fine horse who has a LOT to offer, and we know that she is going to make someone very happy. If you’ve been watching Skittles with an eye towards offering her a home, now is the time to fill out an application. And if you know someone who is looking for a wonderful horse to add to their family, please let them know that Skittles is ready!