Skittles did very well on the trail ride Sunday. She is very brave, liked to lead, and had a go button. Overall she stayed calm and listened well. She would have loved to run up the hills but I was able to keep her at a walk. She was fine with the other horses too.

I had Kirann come ride her yesterday to see how she was with a new rider and she did great. It was nice to see how cute she is now that she is relaxing her neck and not in such an upside down frame. She is learning the canter cues and has some balance issues at the canter but still working on that. She is getting stronger but still too weak to hold self carriage all the time but had some nice moments. She is also doing some nice baby leg yields. At the beginning she wasn’t quite sure about them but now she is getting them nicely.

She is very easy going to the right but the left is very stuck. The chiropractic adjustment helped but she will need to be readjusted next tine Dr Meyer is out. The dressage work will also help.