You’ll often hear us say “it takes a herd to save a horse.” In Skye’s case, it is not a metaphor! In June, Dave Zanotelli and his daughter Julia offered to foster a SAFE horse. They are both very skilled at doing groundwork training and they were willing to take on a project the magnitude of Skye! Before Skye arrived, Dave built a very solid stall and paddock that directly connected to a round pen to ensure they could practice working Skye safely while she settled into her new environment. Settle in, she did! 

Over the summer, Skye was introduced to Dave’s herd and she now lives in the main barn with the rest of their horses. Considering she originally struggled with the concept of having a paddock, much less the wide open space of a pasture and stimulation of a herd, Skye is transformed. She has finally experienced some true normalcy in her life. Thanks to both Dave and SAFE super-supporter Lynn Mazer, in November, Skye will be moving to a nearby facility with a covered arena to continue her groundwork training and potentially be started under saddle!