No hay!

Do you see hay?

Like this morning. She came out to the barn and gave us all some tasty, tasty grain.…and then she went back in her house! After I eat my grain, I eat my hay, but today there was no hay!

Mom forgot!

Now from outside my little house, I can see Mom through the windows of her little house. After I went around the other side of the barn to see if Jay got any hay (he didn’t!), I looked into the window and saw Mom walking around. So I called her to remind her about the hay. I used my deep, low nicker that sounds like a foghorn, or Barry White. Mom heard me calling her, and said Honeycutt! I forgot to give you your hay! She came right outside and gave us all our hay, and then today was a normal day.

All better now!

All better now!

Now that you can see me eating my hay in my little house, it’s time to talk again about horse houses. SAFE people are building new horse houses for new SAFE horses this weekend. I asked everyone to help by buying a PLY Wood, which is a big, flat thing that is good for making horse houses. Three people bought PLY Woods* and now we have 5 PLY Woods. But if you look at the picture of my little house, you will see that 5 PLY Woods is not enough to make a whole horse house. 5 PLY Woods only make half a horse house. A horse with half a house might just as well stay outside! So won’t you please buy a PLY Wood for SAFE? We only need 16 more PLY Woods to make our horse houses. I have 112 friends on Facebook and I would think that a horse with 112 friends could get 16 PLY Woods, wouldn’t you? Wood-Dent Ewe?

One PLY wood is just $20! That’s not very much money for how much shelter a PLY wood can give to a lucky, lucky horse!

Push to buy SAFE a PLY Wood!Here again is how to buy a PLY Wood: ———>


If you like buying a PLY Wood, maybe you would like to help build horse houses too? There will be a thing called a Work Party at SAFE in Monroe on September 17. If you want to come build horse houses, contact Debi at!

*Those three people who bought PLY Woods were Sheridan, who was my foster mom, and Elizabeth, who bought three whole PLY Woods!, and also my mom, who listens to me when I make low, deep nickers from outside her little house.