Just for a little fun, I decided to work Stella in a Dressage saddle this week.  She did very well and was comfortable to sit the trot and canter in the English tack.  She is learning to keep a nice rhythm and cadence in her gaits.  When she gets troubled, it takes just a little re-balancing work to bring her into a soft gait.  Throughout her time under saddle, Stella has kept a positive and willing attitude.

I don’t like to school her every day because it is important that training stays fun for her, especially since she is just over three years old.  We keep things light hearted and add in some fun with trot polls, work on smooth transitions and some leg yields.  Stella is a quick study and a pleasure to work with and handle.  Here are a few photos Jessica took for us working in the English saddle.  Stella is ready for adoption and looking for her forever person!