stormy_11_01_2016We’ve continued to treat and monitor Stormy’s eyes. As we told you before, she was put on a medication that initially seemed to be helping in both eyes. However, within a week, Stormy was back to squinting her left eye, which is a pretty clear sign that it’s hurting. Dr. McCracken came back out to check Stormy’s eye for ulcers (which is a common problem in blind horses if they bump their heads walking into things). She didn’t find ulcers, but was not happy to see that Stormy’s eye was swollen nearly all the way shut.

Sadly, Dr. McCracken has suggested that we think about removing Stormy’s left eye sooner than later. The eye has not improved with the medication she’s been given, and unfortunately there is not a stronger option available. Removing the left eye is the only option to relieve her discomfort. Stormy’s right eye is not currently causing her pain, but Dr McCracken suspects glaucoma, and has advised us that it will eventually need to be removed as well. 

As we saw with Anakin, removing a horse’s eye, especially when it is causing them pain or discomfort, is not the worst thing that can happen. Anakin’s procedure went flawlessly, and he is a much happier horse now. But Anakin was a horse with a strong determination to live, and he remains fully sighted in his remaining eye. The decision as to what is best for Stormy is difficult. It’s hard to know what sort of quality of life she is facing, and how much is too much for a horse of her age and condition. Most of all, we are sad that her uveitis went untreated for so long, leaving her in such misery. She is a lovely horse who certainly deserved better.