I recieved an email today from Summer’s former owner, which answers most of our questions about Summer’s history before Jean:

I owned Impromptu as a younger mare as well as her daughter Paprika’s Mark. I was horrified to hear and read of her life the last decade. I bought her daughter from the breeder to be my show mare (Pinto circuit) and then went back and bought Promptu as a broodmare and riding mare. She was a big sweetheart and one of the first Saddleseat horses I’d ridden. She wasn’t the best for that.….…… she was too heavy on the forehand and her neck set lower but she would try her heart out and was a safe riding mare. I lived in Snohomish and would take her to the ride nights at the fairgrounds in Monroe. I bred Promptu to my cremello Saddlebred stallion (one of the early known and marketed ones in the breed) Gold On Q. He is how I met Jean. She responded to my ad and brought Gypsy to breed to him. Gypsy was in fine shape at that time with good weight ‚clean culture, etc and stayed at my place for that week with the foal by her side. She did have an older trailer but the horses were in good condition and the filly very cute. I traded Promptu (in foal) to another lady for a 5 gaited mare that I later sold when we found out we were coming to Texas. I brought Paprika’s Mark and Gold On Q as well as 3 Morgans. That first summer Jean called me here and told me Gypsy had foaled and also that she was excited to have finally bought Promptu. She’d fallen in love with Promptu but could not afford her at what I was asking at the time. ($3500. what I had paid for her). I guess the other lady had decided to keep Promptu’s palomino foal and let her go since she said Promptu was chewing her barn down. She never did that at my place and that lady had a gorgeous facility so I have no idea why she was chewing but anyway, Jean got Promptu.

This was the last I heard of Promptu until I saw her on Petfinder. it is devastating to hear of any horse abused but one of your own is especially horrible. I am glad to know that she did survive her years there and now has a safe place with good care and attention. I wish I was closer to go see her again. She is a beautiful mare and so kind hearted. She had nothing but the finest care until Jean. Maybe that is why she made it? That and she was efficient for such a big mare. I remember sticking her at 16.1, her two daughters were a little smaller (Sonnet and Paprika) but better conformation. Reading of her issues getting in the trailer reminds me of a time with her. She could be fine to haul or reluctant to get in. One night we took her to the Monroe fairgrounds to ride. When we got there, we unloaded the other two and our trainer went in to get Promptu for me. Somehow she got upset and started scrambled around and bashed him into the back wall. The next thing we saw was Promptu coming out of the rig and him slumped to the floor. She had knocked him unconscious, broken ribs and bruised his spleen. We had no idea why she would have done that but we did say it was good because I am very petite and she might have crushed me. Later that night she got back in fine and never a problem. Sometimes you just never know about even the most gentle ones.

I thought I would take the time to write about some history of Promptu. I hope she finds a good home but I know it is difficult with the seniors with issues. At least, she will never have another hardship again. I have an old lady here as well as two I have taken in/back and our three dogs were rescues that I could not place so kept. Bless you all for what you do.