We are over the moon excited for our little momma, Sundae, who officially has her own forever home, where she will only be expected to eat, run and be happy! Gone are the days of her constant motherhood. Sundae, now named Neapolitan, moved to Tacoma in February to live with Cheryl and become friends with her two riding mares. When one goes out for a ride, Sundae will be there to comfort the other!

Miss Sundae arrived at SAFE in January 2021, along with two other ponies and a horse after a 5th horse on the property died due to neglect. Shortly after, we found out the previous owner had 4 more ponies they had kept secret when Animal Control came to seize the first group. Luckily, we still had space available and were able to rescue the entire group who were all suffering from overgrown hooves, lice, malnutrition, enormous worm loads, and lack of dental care, causing painful ulcerations in their mouths. It was incredible to see their individual transformations and all but one still remain at SAFE. A couple months later, we noticed Sundae seemed to be a little rounder than the others and it wasn’t much longer before we announced this spunky 25 year old mare was pregnant!

Because of her age, we were a little worried about the pregnancy, trying not to get our hopes up and also extra concerned for our momma, who had most likely been a mother countless times in her previous situation. To our delighted surprise everything went off without a hitch and on April 21st, 2021 at 10:37PM Coco entered the world! Sundae was a fantastic mother who was a fierce guardian to her newborn, but also didn’t seem to mind too much that Coco was independent from day one. It’s been magical having a baby pony on the farm, watching the two at turn out was the best part of everyone’s day, but now we are happy Sundae gets to have her own plush, easy life. Cheryl has shared videos of Sundae running around her paddock happy as can be and told us Sundae is quite the pistol, who acts like a 4 year old. We absolutely love that this momma is reliving her youth with her new family.