We’re thrilled to announce that Tasara’s adoption is final! She is now living in Battle Ground WA with her new friend, Sherri. The story of how Tasara and Sherri came together is simply magical.

Tasara became a SAFE horse in June 2017. We were contacted by a woman who told us that her sister was dying in hospice, and that she was leaving a beloved horse behind. Knowing that Tasara was safe and cared for would bring her tremendous peace, and fortunately we were able to offer that to her. Tasara was a well cared for horse with a sweet and friendly personality, whose life was sad and lonely, now that her owner and friend was gone. Moving to a busy place like SAFE was a big change for her, but she settled in very well and faced her new life with dignity and bravery. This bright mare was quite easy to start under saddle, once she adjusted to the use of flags in horsemanship training, and soon she was going well under saddle. Being a gaited horse, she gave Terry and other volunteer riders a whole new experience under saddle, and it was fun to watch her glide around the arena in her running walk!

At about the same time that Tasara’s owner was passing, Sherri was bidding a heart wrenching goodbye to her equine soulmate, a Peruvian Paso mare she’d been with for 10 years named HMS Ariana. Ariana had developed DSLD, and Sherri could no longer keep her comfortable. Without a horse of her own, Sherri says she felt completely lost. But her heart was broken, and she wasn’t ready to move on. And then a friend told her about a little rescued mare named Tasara who was looking for a home and a person of her own. Sherri visited the SAFE website to look at her, and felt something in her heart loosen up a bit. She submitted an adoption application, and drove up from Battle Ground to meet Tasara. She would end up making the trip four times in total, coming up to ride Tasara and spend time with her. She wanted to be sure she was making the right decision, that she was ready to give her heart to another horse. But Tasara didn’t have to do very much besides be herself to win Sherri over. She was what Sherri needed to move on from her sadness and start a new life with a new horse. Sherri says, “I have never met a horse so sweet and that loves humans so much. My barn is no longer empty, my heart is full. And I look forward to many adventures with my girl.” She is very grateful to everyone at SAFE, but especially to Terry for taking the time to let her get to know Tasara at her own pace. We wish them a happy life together!!