Today, a group of Vet Tech students from Pima Medical Institute took a field trip to SAFE Harbor Stables. The goal was to practice doing a physical exam, venipuncture, and administering dewormer. In exchange for providing the opportunity for the students to gain hands on experience, SAFE received free fecal floats, blood tests, and deworming for 12 horses. We are pleased to be able to collaborate with the Vet Tech program at Pima. All of the students were respectful, efficient, and grateful for the opportunity.


Nora stands patiently as a Pima student listens for gut sounds

To perform a physical exam, the students needed to take a horse’s temperature, pulse, and respiration along with locating “gut sounds” in all four quadrants. When the instructor asked me for our most laid back horse to perform the physical exam on, I picked our sweetheart mare Nora…and she totally rocked it. She let 6 students feel her every which way AND take her temperature. Then she took a break for some mash and came back and let the other 5 students poke and prod her as well. Only when the very last student was working with her did Nora stomp her foot ever so slightly to let us know she was done. She was kind and patient and friendly throughout. Nora is truly an amazing horse!

Big thanks for Sara and Terry for all their help today during the Pima visit!