Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

Because SAFE adoptions come with a 30 day money back guarantee, we usually hold off announcing them until after that period is up. Today a SAFE horse left for his adoptive home…and because of the horse…and the home…we are going to go ahead and share this news now.

We said a smiling and tearful goodbye to our dear friend Anakin today as he loaded into our trailer and headed south to his new home. Anakin has been adopted by Barb F, who you may recognize as Kai’s adopter as well. Anakin will be spending the rest of his days at what we like to call “SAFE South,” not only the home of Anakin, but the farm next door to where Einstein, Skye, and Strider live. It’s truly a horse heaven, and we know without the shadow of a doubt that Anakin will be loved, cherished, and cared for by Barb. We couldn’t be happier for them.

Saying goodbye is tough, but considering how many times we feared for Anakin’s survival, it is a huge victory to be saying goodbye to him as he heads off to his adoptive home. We will all miss the big chestnut gelding, but for us, it means a lot that he’s going to the home of someone we consider part of the family. In the days to come, we will have updates, comments, and photos to share. But for today, there is a message that Anakin would want us to pass along:

Anakin’s story was compelling in so many ways, and he brought a lot of people to SAFE. Together we cared for him and together we watched him grow healthy and strong. Today, the fairy tale ending to Anakin’s story was written…but for other horses, there is no end in sight. If Anakin brought you to SAFE or strengthened your bond with this organization…please remember that our work isn’t over. There are countless horses who need rescue, rehabilitation, retraining, and rehoming…things that SAFE can provide if your support continues to be there. 

Thanks to KOMO-TV and other media outlets, Anakin’s story played out in public, but most of what SAFE does happens quietly behind the scenes. With horses who aren’t considered “newsworthy” to the media, horses who were never famous. In fact some of the work that SAFE does is never made public, in order to protect the privacy of the people involved. Community outreach work, including gelding and euthanization assistance, is done without recognition or fanfare, and there are no news stories to spread the word and let the public know how much their help is needed. 

So if Anakin brought you into the wild world of horse rescue, we sincerely hope that your work is far from finished. Today, we said a happy goodbye to a horse that we loved…tomorrow, we carry on falling in love, saving lives, and crafting more goodbyes. Please continue to be part of this mission. Our work is far from finished.