There is a new SAFE horse named Dixie, do you know this horse? She is very pretty but she is also very thin and sad. If I were near Dixie, I would not steal her hays because she needs to eat lots of hays and tasty grain and not be so sad. A horse should be a thing that is round, not a thing that is flat and pointy. How can someone look at a horse that is flat and pointy and think it is an okay horse? Horses are supposed to be round: round butts, round bellies, round shoulders and bright eyes. I am round and someday soon you will see a picture of Dixie and she will be round, and shiny too, and then she will be better than okay. But it will be a while before she is not so pointy.

Recent events have given me a lot to think about. When I said, oh friends! please buy a PLY wood, people bought PLY woods, and horse houses were built. PLY wood buying made me feel happy because I was helping SAFE horses. Now that I am back to just being a normal red horse who is not helping, I feel empty, like my grain bowl with no tasty, tasty grain in it. 

Maybe I want to be helping again. Maybe I want to be helping all the times. 

I think to best be helping I will start my own horse rescue. Mom says I need a porpoise, and she is right. I will start my rescue so I can raise up moneys to give to horses that don’t have the nice things that I have: a little house, a friend to scratch, some hays, some tasty, tasty grain. I will give my moneys to the SAFE horses so that they can all be round and happy like me.

I have to finish breakfast before I can start my rescue, but this I want to know: will you join me? Will you join the Honeycutt Nation? Oh friends! Let’s help the SAFE horses together!