When I stopped by NWESC today to take pictures of our new horse, I checked in on Tia and also talked to Dr. Hannah a bit about how she has been doing.  Tia has gained quite a bit of weight and looks much better.  Dr. Hannah would still like her to gain a few more pounds, but her ribs are no longer visible.  Her hind legs are also not quite so stocked up and she seems more stable on her hind end (she was very wobbly when she came in).  She has had a Panacur Powerpak and seems to be doing well. Tia is happiest in her stall or turned out in the arena, they have tried a few times to turn her out in the pasture with the herd and Tia gets very upset and paces the fenceline, so they end up bringing her back in.  I think Tia knows that she is considered weak and vulnerable by other horses and is afraid to get hurt by them because she can’t see them out of her left eye.

I took a few photos of Tia tonight. She was a bit upset for some reason and you can tell she is a little excited in the pictures as Dr. Hannah was turning some horses out while I was taking the photos.  Also, check out the Valentine’s Day card on her stall…isn’t that adorable?  Apparently Tia has a little girl who just adores her and made her that card.  It was so sweet I just had to take a picture.