Here’s a great update from foster Jackie L who cares for Moonshine and Tilly:

Moonshine has found a place in my heart. Each morning I stand on the deck and call his name, and he replies with a whinney. Sometimes he runs to the fence to say good morning up close and personal. We are still working on manners and personal space, and I regret to admit I don’t spend as much time with him as I’d like. He is very friendly, loves attention and will walk away from hay to be groomed. He keeps himself busy during the day by annoying poor Tilly. I’ve seen him run through the pasture and circle her to see if he can get her to join him, which she occasionally does. Other times he runs and crashes into her as he stops. Tilly is a patient pasturemate, most of the time. He likes to run the fence and get the donkeys next door to run with him. 

As I said, Tilly is very patient with Moonshine. She appears to be a calm and very sweet horse who likes attention and stands for grooming, no halter needed (fly spray is a different story). She loves her food and hangs around the fence when its feeding time in the afternoon. She spends her day nibbling on what’s left of the grass and fending off Moonshine who constantly nips at her hind legs and tail (boys…). Every now and then she offers a kick as a sign that her patience is thinning.