I had the chance to visit and ride King at Joel Conner’s where he is getting started under saddle. King has become a very handsome boy with a very shiny black coat and a sweet personality. He is kind and gentle on the ground, easy to groom and saddle. He still needs more work with the flag and to relaxed with new things or objects. He had an “honest spook” when I was riding and he just jumped to the side then stopped and approached the thing that scared him. He has just not been exposed to a lot and has much to learn about the world.

Joel described King as a forward horse that is sensitive to the rider. He is still learning to line up along the wall, although he is now staying nicely on the rail at the walk. He still has some trouble changing eyes and when things approach on his left side but both of these are greatly improved with Joel’s work and will continue to improve with consistency. He is suitable at the moment for an advanced beginner and as he gets more rides put on, he should make a fine intermediate rider’s mount. He has a gait pace and someone who is interested in developing that could bring it out more. For right now, SAFE riders will be getting a good walk, trot and lope on him and get him ready for an adopter to take him into further training. From my ride on him, I can tell you that he was pretty darn smooth to sit. I think he will make a very good riding horse and be especially comfortable to sit on long trail rides.

Here are some photos of Joel riding King in Ellensburg: