To give Zoe the best chance at finding a home, we decided to give her a few weeks of professional training with Nick Donohue. This time will allow her a few more life experiences and make her ready for a great home to adopt her. All the updates from Nick have been good. She already had a fairly good foundation but needed to find more acceptance of the leg and bridle. She also needed to find more balance in her hindquarters and become more free in her shoulders.

Zoe also got some time outside, working over bridges and riding past things she had never seen before like a scary children’s jungle gym! Zoe has come a long way from the overreacting nervous mare that we first met. She is going to be a great trail horse and enjoy a life as a easy going partner. She is ready now to start meeting perspective adopters. 

Here is a short video of Zoe working with Nick in the arena with the tarp. She has come a LONG way from the mare that was scared to see a tarp anywhere near her in the arena.