This little cutie is feeling much better after packing on a few more pounds! He has proven to be fairly even mannered and willing to try what is asked of him. Pretty much ground ties like a champ for grooming sessions unless its food time and then all the attention is getting to his yummy hay! He was a bit of a stinker to pick up his hooves but that is getting better with constancy.  

He had a dental recheck a few weeks ago to see when and how they can best manage the removal the broken teeth he had on arrival at SAFE and clean up the area damaged by the infection.

The white area bulging around the first tooth is the infected bone area. The white line running at the other end of the tooth is where the jaw bone ends and the tooth comes out through the gum line. You can see there is just a very small amount of tooth showing through the gum line at the time this image was taken. This is why it’s so difficult to get a hold of and we are waiting for it to erupt more through the gums.

Dr. Hanson evaluated Otto’s progress a few weeks ago. Some more teeth have ruptured and emerged out of the gum line. The ulcerations have all healed. The infected tooth still has not emerged enough to get a good handle on it for an in-mouth extraction. There is a tool that could screw into the tooth and help pull out but there is concern that the tooth may fall apart during this procedure. The third option is to open a hole on the side of his mouth and remove the tooth by pushing it from the top. The concern here is that these holes may not close up and there can be complications.

For now, we wait, give him more time to push the tooth into a better position for extraction, and for Otto to be healthier for general anesthesia. He will remain on the 8 SMZ and 8 metronidazole 2x/day indefinitely. He has been a champ for his antibiotics and happily continues to munch away at his hay and mashes without issue. 
Overall Dr. Hanson was impressed with Otto’s overall progress over the last month both in gaining weight, his appearance, and his pleasant disposition. We will follow up in one month with another recheck exam.
We are looking forward to his full recovery and in the months to come being able to really start working and teaching this little fellow more. Due to the neglect he has faced and malnourishment in his early years, it may take some time for him to fully recover. We will take things at his pace, but so far see a very bright and happy future for Otto!