We are pleased to announce Valentine has found the perfect home! Sandy and her family are very familiar with SAFE horses having adopted two before Valentine. Sadly, Farley, passed away early this summer and while the neighbor’s horses provided some comfort to Zelda (formerly Pyrrah), they were looking for a friend to bring more joy to her life.

The friendship started last month with barely any squeals after being turned out together. Sandy says both girls are usually side by side in the pasture, munching throughout the day and again in the morning, waiting for breakfast. Valentine canters to the big field each morning and then trots in for dinner, with Zelda right behind her. Sounds like a perfect life.

Valentine came to us in January 2020, along with 7 ponies who were seized by Animal Control for severe neglect. She was eventually adopted out with another one of our companion horses, Tilt, but due to unfortunate family changes, both horses returned to SAFE this past summer. Lucky for us, we have a wonderful community and the two mares both found separate homes with former alumni! We are lucky to have an incredible community who adopts one horse and comes back for more!