We’ve been monitoring Anderson’s progress since his gelding surgery last week. Dr. Hannah Mueller is supervising his post-operative forced exercise, which will help reduce swelling and encourage drainage and healing of the surgery site. During this exercise, she has an opportunity to provide an essential introduction to training. These lessons will be crucial in Anderson’s transition from a dangerous stallion to a happy, well-behaved gelding.

SAFE’s Herd Health Manager Debi Shatos spent a morning observing one of Anderson’s very first round pen training sessions with Dr. Hannah. She reported that, while he was exhibiting some stallion behaviors, he was responding appropriately to correction and was demonstrating that he is both sensitive and intelligent. He is also sound and a beautiful mover! Having been previously unhandled and untrained, he is having to learn the most fundamental concepts of leading, respecting space, and responding to voice commands.

Dr. Hannah continues to work with him daily and we should see steady progress as the hormones clear out of his system and he continues to learn acceptable behavior. Anderson is also scheduled for his first trim with farrier extraordinaire Daphne Jones this week. This will provide another opportunity for some very crucial learning.

We hope you enjoy this brief video showing a little of the work being done to help Anderson in his journey!