Ginger & Jet

Ginger & Jet

Ginger is a very pretty 9 year old bay Arab mare in fairly good physical condition who has recently found herself homeless. Her former owner is an elderly woman who developed Alzheimer’s and has just left her home to go into an assisted living facility. Ginger was purchased from the auction seven years ago, and has been kept as a pet since she was two so she has no training beyond basic handling skills. And sadly, Ginger’s 32 year old companion had to be put down a few days ago, so Ginger is very lonely. She’s been well cared for over the past seven years, but her owner’s family is not in a position to keep her, and have asked SAFE to take her. Since she is young and sound, we hope to be able to get her started under saddle and on her way to a new home fairly soon. She’ll be arriving at SAFE Harbor Stables later this afternoon.

We were able to help Ginger in part because of the kindness and generosity of Dr Bob DeWard of Mt Rainier Equine Veterinary Services. Dr DeWard donated a pre-surrender examination of Ginger so we could rule out any major medical issues that we might not be prepared to deal with. We are so grateful to him for helping us make a sound decision about Ginger’s future, and we are very happy to report that the examination and flexion tests did not uncover any major issues. Thank you to Dr DeWard, Julie DeWard, and everyone at Mt Rainier Equine for your ongoing support of SAFE — we love working with you and we appreciate all the things you do for us!!

Ginger needs her teeth floated, her hooves trimmed, to get up to date on vaccinations, and she needs her poor tail fixed, but overall she appears to be healthy and sound. We’ll have further updates as we get to know her better, so stay tuned.

Here are some photos from her vet evaluation yesterday:

Flexion tests: