Alumni Update on Ruckus from adopter Jacquie:

April marks one year since we were matched with our spicy Farm mascot Rucky Bleu. It feels like we’ve been together forever in a good way! Getting to know his personality, Ruckus is smart, spicy and sweet all wrapped into one. We call him the Thoroughbred Pony because he is quite hot, full of go and can be quite the handful. This also makes him THE MOST FUN PONY EVER! Being a Thoroughbred person I absolutely love what makes them tick and how the mind works, so Ruckus is awesome for me to work with! Such a highly intelligent little beast. He LOVES to work! He is a driving/in hand Dressage Pony. He’s brilliant, he is able to collect and extend his trot, leg yield and shoulder in, and can bend through his rib cage and stretch his top line while staying on his outside shoulder each direction, can you say supple pony?! We are working on his canter and asking for a little extended canter back to working canter, he’s getting stronger! But oh my god he is a Dressage pony genius! And he enjoys it!! He will leave his friends no problem and get down to business. He is quite the confident little thing and I think the Dressage really stimulates his mind. I’m hoping to incorporate everything into more ground driving once he is more proficient and who knows maybe get some piaffe and even some little pony passage steps in there. I am SO impressed he is absolutely brilliant and a pleasure to work with! He is my little pony dream come true!!! Not to mention the most handsome little devil too 😍

We absolutely love him so much and his energy around the farm is awesome. He is more of a lead personality and that has really helped our other horses feel comfortable and confident. TEAM RUCKUS! I think I need to start a blog 😁🦄