An update on Anakin from his new home! Thank you, Barb!!!

You will be pleased to know that our lovely Chestnut boy has taken up yoga (stealing a page from Kai’s playbook), he’s doing downward dog before turnout 🙂

He’s also decided to challenge Kai from across the fence. The past couple of mornings have been really funny, with Anakin rearing up a bit, tossing his head and pawing at the ground. Kai is not quite sure what to make of this so he runs back and forth along the fence with Anakin, both doing small bucks and rears along the way… boys!

Einstein always says good morning to Anakin, and Michel and I are looking forward to turning them out together in the future. Strider likes to play with Anakin across the fence, they tend to stay pretty close when in adjacent pastures. Anakin is enjoying being a horse, that’s for sure!

He’s off of the alfalfa, on orchard grass and doing really well, he’s also got lots of dapples that can be seen in the sunshine. He likes to nap outside, get a good roll in the dirt first thing in the morning, and check to make sure all of his pals are where they’re supposed to be, he’s settled right in.