Zan is a 5 year old unregistered chestnut paint/pinto mare surrendered to SAFE by her owners due to financial distress. Zan was previously rescued from a feedlot in Eastern WA (not sure if it was CBER, if anyone recognizes her, please let me know!). It was some time ago as she has been with the owner that surrendered her almost 2 years ago, and prior to that she had two foals (one of them a mule). She is not broke and has only been used as a broodmare. She is slightly underweight and does have some rain rot/skin fungus issues due to lack of shelter. 

Zan was surrendered along with another mare named Calamity. 

These horses have not had any vet care and the last time they saw a farrier was July of 2009. Zan appears sound but does have an enlarged right front knee and a swollen left hind fetlock/pastern.

First photos of Zan:

Zan arrives at SAFE