We are very happy to share the news that Zanadu’s surgery, which took place yesterday at Pilchuck Vet Hospital, was a success. In fact, Dr. Bryant said that it went better than he had expected. The bone chip was very large, coming right off the corner cleanly. He was most pleased about the overall condition of the joint, he said it looked to be in great condition overall. He feels strongly that this will improve her athletic ability in the long term. Zan was released from Pilchuck this morning and was delivered to NWESC for her first month of rehab. She’s have about three months of rest while she heals, and then will start back into work to regain her strength. It’s our hope that she will be ready for adoption by early 2013. We are so grateful to everyone who helped make this happen for Zanadu — especially the Adams family who donated the money needed for this surgery — and for all of you who sent good thoughts her way!